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Zone of the Enders HD Collection Video Review – IGN Reviews


Zone of the Enders HD Collection Video Review - IGN Reviews


  1. zoe 1 is meant to be played at the time of its release.. if you didn't play it at that time, then poor you.. such as playing mario in the 90s… It feels great.

  2. the only thing i have to say about your review is that u didnt need to add your own back track. the soundtrack for these games would have been better and your team wouldnt have had to overlay that sound whatever it is.other than that good review 🙂

  3. I love both games, the artwork, graphics and the orbital frame design and idea of them. when it comes to other games and anime that have mecha, the orbital frame is leaps and bounds ahead of anything out there. for example, you have orbital frame Jehuty and Anubis, both machines capable of traveling vast distance near instantly with the use of the 0-Shift program. the frame is insanely strong and tough, and capable of stopping a say a 6 million ton train traveling at speeds of say 200mph or more in a real short amount of time and space. they also have the ability to easily enter and exit the atmosphere of mars and earth. then you have their offensive ability, with Jehuty having a fixed sword for melee combat, a energy gun and homing lazers for ranged attacks, then you have the burst attack which channels the power generated from the frame into a large dense energy attack. lastly for offensive ability for jehuty you have the vector cannon, which with the power generated from the frame is a weapon that can compress space itself and fire that compressed energy into a high velocity and higly powerful projectile.

    now on to the other highly known mecha, Gundams. there have been many re-interations of them over the years, but the are all mainly the same. if you were to pit an orbital frame againt a gundam, the orbital frame would would hands down!

    the idea of the orbital frame as a mecha is pure genious for the genre.

  4. that's waaay too much bashing on the 1st zoe. I remember playing this as a kid, the horrible imagery of a world burning, I felt like I was there in that cockpit. The second boss, first real boss, whatever, he was so creepy, and it took me awhile to figure out to hurt him after his health hit the 50% mark. This game was one of the first that gave me moral conflict. Do I save civilians or just move on? As a kid I was far less cynical than I am now and always saved them. The game was unique and ahead of its time in a lot of ways. IGN missed the mark on another review. Even if the first game came out before your time you should still be able to appreciate this game. It's not every day a game rolls robots, kids and a dark story up so well. You may even do more harm than good by trying to save the civilians and accidentally wiping them all out. Don't listen to the simple minds at IGN, the first is a classic!

  5. Dang i remember this game. I didn't know what i was doing but i loved it since i was in a mech and this looked like friggin MGS Phantom Pain to me.

  6. What's the happy music playing during the gameplay parts quietly in the background?

  7. First world issues. Young kids not old enough to remember the initial release want to review everything.

  8. Just hot the hd version recently. Ho early the first one is pretty good overall. My major problem was the fact it's so damn short. Like it took me less then 4 hours to beat the game. Hopefully the 2nd one isn't that short

  9. I remember buying the original back in the early 2000's for PS2 because it had the MGS2 demo with it 😉

  10. Lol cmon ZOE1 was just a promotional game really for the MGS series. I agree though ZOE 2 was so badass, the multiplayer is really good too. I just wish they made a gundam version of this with the the same gameplay.

  11. i remember playing the ZOE demo on a Jampack disc back on my ps2. it was one of the first games i ever really loved to play! Sadly, i could never find it, and so it was forgotten…until i found this awesome pack of BOOM at entertainmart.

  12. I loved ZOE 1 even though I never got to play the second one but I hope they have it on psnow, maybe kojima got out of Konami so he could build his own thing and maybe he'll come up with ZOE3 on ps4, THAT would be SICK!!

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