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GTA V problem- Stopped working.?


The game freezes on the ‘Loading story mode’ screen and keeps on loading like forever. The disc is few months old and I am playing it on ps3. Plz help what can be done.

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  1. You should try deleting your Game Utility Data! NOTE: NOT game saves but Game Utility Data files then reload your game.

    NOTE: You will have to re-install the initial install and all updates!

    To delete Game Utility Data do the following.

    From the PS3 Home Menu, go to Game > [Game Data Utility].

    Locate the game data utility file (i.e. name of a particular game you have been playing) you wish to delete. Press the Triangle button and select Delete. Press the X button to confirm the deletion. This will remove the game data utility file for the selected title you’ve selected

    NOTE: Make sure you select [Game Data Utility]. Do not select Saved Data Utility, as this will delete all of your saved games files.

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