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I am going to buy a PS3?


I need to know that difference between a 60gb and the 20gb ps3,

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  1. Go with the 60gb (they don’t have any more 20gb I try to buy one at wal mart) I have one and trust me you won’t Regret it.

  2. You don’t need to know their differences, the 20 gig is officially discontinued. You wont be finding a 20GB unless your in japan. Differences:

    WIFI (60)

    Chrome Trim (60)

    Flash Card Reader (60)

    That’s why US Sony don’t sell any more 20GB PS3’s, most people bought the 60GB version, and also Sony loses about 250 bucks for every system they sell.

    PS3 20GB is so much less, it does not even support a lot of PS3 (60GB) main features. Get the 60GB, Why everything the 20GB can do the 60gb can do better.

  3. as far as i know the 20 gig has been removed as the 60 was out selling it, the 60gig holds more information downloads ect and the 20 gig is all black and the 60 gig has a silver strip accross the front i own a 60 gig and its awesome sell your granny and buy one!

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