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i replaced my xbox 360 disc drive and now it only plays dvds why?



  1. The Xbox 360’s DVD drive has a security code key in its firmware that links it to a particular motherboard. You cannot simply take a DVD drive from one 360 and install it in another.

    It is possible to extract the code key from the old DVD drive and re-program the new DVD drive so that it pairs with the 360s motherboard.

  2. You would be much much better off with a PS3 for many good reasons such as.Trust me you will be better off but you may wanna so some research if you are getting one. It also has Blue ray. Just note only some can play PS2 games and most are older models. I think that’s really the only downside. And it will save you too. They are less likely to brake, On Xbox 360 you can buy Xbox live which can cost a lot as with the PS3 there is the Playstation Network and is FREE. They are also very expensive but I think thats good because there is only a 0.000001% chance of it breaking. LOL I’m guessing Xbox 360 has about 90% chance of breaking becuase you always hear of these stories.

    Good luck,

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