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in xbox live, what happens when i file a complaint?


i filed several complaints toward someone who said unspeakable(on y!answers) things to me in messages, about ten messages in total, all unspeakable, will they get their account taken away? yes i know i can block communication, but what fun is that?


  1. Well if a certain number of complaints are received within a short period of time it will be investigated. But these complaints have to be from different people all relating to the same thing.

    When they start investigating, Xbox live can dig out any audio or text messages the user has sent. Every conversation you have ever had on Xbox live would have been saved to their server & they can listen to it. The same goes for messages.

    The Xbox crew will look at the time of the complaints & will listen or read to any voice of text communication the user has had. If they find it is against the rules, then they will give him a ban.

    I suggest blocking the person. You can’t complain to us on here that you want someone banned when you’re not willing to block them.

  2. Iv wondered that too. I think they just have it to make people feel like something will happen. MS will probably only look into something if a person gets a lot of complaints filed against them.

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