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Mass Effect 1 & 2 Xbox 360?


Within the past week i have purchased ME1 and 2 and had problems with the controlling. At the end of ME1 when running Shepard tended to stop and walk as if something was holding him back. At first i thought it was just disc damage due to the game being pre-owned but now in ME2 the same thing is happening and its very annoying.

My Xbox and controller is fine as other games are working fine its just these two games.

Anybody had this problem? Maybe its in game settings?

Please help.

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  1. During some sequences in the game it forces your character to walk slowly.although what you’re describing doesn’t sound like one of the scripted moments.

    How odd.

    Have you tried banging it against a wall? It worked when my toaster was broken.

  2. Must be something with:

    A)Your controller


    C)You got unlucky and purchased two faulty games (same owner?)

    D)Settings in the option

    Both ME games worked fine on my Xbox with no issues, so it could just be your copies

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