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PS4 – Review


Editor’s note: an earlier version of this review stated that content purchased digitally from the PSN would be made unavailable when disconnected from the internet. While accurate, users can forego this limitation by designating their PS4 as their primary system. We apologize for the error.

The review for the PS4 is here. Did it meet up to your expectations?

PS4 - Review


  1. Idk what should I get. I really want to get the XONE bcs it has Forza Horizon 3. But at the same time I want a PS4 bcs it has Uncharted 4. Which should I get?

  2. I am not a gamer, but I feel like this system is a waste of money for what I like, which is to play 2-4 player games with friends. I love split screen racing sims, and to date, there are none that have split screen, and I'm not a fan of Project Cars for many reasons (few cars, no ovals, no diversity, etc etc). Hopefully GT Sport will have these options. If you like gaming nationally/internationally, it's a great system, but if you a) like racing or b) like split-screen with friends, I would recommend an older console. I have a 360 and absolutely love it!!

  3. I have had PCs fail a lot more than a reliable good old PlayStation. Even my Xbox One is turning on and off which is bullshit. PS4 is the best to play video games with in 2017 clearly as less things go wrong with it.

  4. Love my ps4 and xbox one i use ps4 for the excellent single player games and i do multiplayer on xbox one and im hooked on elite dangerous.

  5. You'll say PC is way better than Xbox one PS4. actually terrible three times the price plays the same games exact same thing

  6. I'm a Xbox person like I love my Xbox 360 more than the PS3 but I love the PS4 more than the Xbox one so I got a PS4

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