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Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition Console Unboxing


Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition Console Unboxing

343i chats with IGN on Halo 4!

Wanna know what the Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 console looks like? Take a look!

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Halo 4 Console - Unboxing


  1. I still have mine man. I was  huge fan of Halo, huge fan. When I heard of the halo 3 xbox 360 bundle I had to get it.

  2. Haha funny thing is that I just got one in box with everything but has red ring for 25$ only costs my like 10$ to fix it so I payed 35$ for i near mint halo 3 xbox 360 🙂

  3. Por qué siempre son tan brutos en los unboxing?? Tirándolo todo, abriendo las cosas a lo bestia,… no lo entiendo! Alguien abre lo que compra así?? Se creen que son más divertidos por hacer los unboxing de esa manera tan agresiva?? A mí me parece absurdo

  4. I can get it for you guys for free before I run out……………………..First Step:Go to Google Plus then add me to your circles then after that send me a message of your adress then I will get you anything as soon as possible and for free!

  5. Does this xbox have a optical input? I bought the Astro a40, but I cant plug it in. Please help me!

  6. 😮 if you don't like Halo, sell the DLC codes in your copy of Halo4. Since they are exclusive to the bundle with the console you can get like 50$ for them, I think 🙂

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