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Xbox live should be free?


Im saying it should be free, its kind of typical of Microsoft to make us play for online gameplay don’t you think Bill Gates has enough money. What im seeing people do on Xbox live is saying it should be free on their name tag, Do the same! Also some online petition should be formed and if there is one let me know! ( Don’t dare call me a cheap skate)


  1. I also agree, we have two live accounts in our house, xbox live for the past 8 days has not been working right anyway, fine in the day, but you cannot get a game of COD4 in the evenings.

  2. Well if it was free, every 10-15 year old trash talking kid with internet would be on it do we really need more immature kids on live? I like my 2 am games with other adults who just have fun. Also if it was free say goodbye to downloadable content and arcade titles. kiss leaderboards and stat tracking goodbye. Say hello to crappy servers that get upgraded once a year like the psnetwork meaning when a influx of users hit it you wont be able to play.

    It wont be free, never. The whole make xbox live free was a hoax by some guys on a forum to see how many idiots they could get to put it in their profile. Looks like it worked.

  3. I would love it to be free but I am not going to convert back to Sony and yes it sucks that us in UK pay more than the US players but that is the way with everything on our lil’ island.

    I disagree however that the service is bad, yes sometimes Live! is down for maintenance (think it has only affected me once in the last year) and sometimes I struggle to get a game but 9 times out of 10 the problem is with the end user and not at Microsoft IE you have poor wiring on your connection or your router is rubbish.

    £35 a year isn’t much when you consider how much us in the UK pay to have our rubbish picked up every week.

  4. I agree! Espcially as in America, Live is about £10-20 less than what we pay in the UK, I am glad they FINALLY brought in the option to change your Windows Live ID though so I guess they do listen lol

    Its stupid you need Xbox Gold to reply to your messages on the computer rather than the console pft!

  5. xbox live is worth paying for, i have an xbox 360 and a ps3 and i prefer to pay and play on my xbox because it has much better features and is a lot more stable, i woulndt dream of paying for the ps3 online becauce honestly it is CRAP! if you go out and buy a ps3 because it is free you will regret it. the only good thing about the ps3 is the blu ray player.

  6. The wii and ps3 are both free to use online so why not get one of those. I wouldnt buy an xbox for the very reason you’ve stated!

  7. It’s not surprising old Bill is one of the richest dudes in the world. Brilliant products that stuff up some of the time, everyone wants and yet so little competition. If there was a Monopoly game based on computers, Bill owns it.

  8. Xbox is a rip-off not just the live but all of it, it cost $10 just to change your name. everything is an additional extra, thats why i gave up on it and got a ps3.

    And the Xbox fans argument is that the xbox has better games out NOW not COMING SOON, well yeah but the Xbox has been out for 2 YEARS!! the PS3 has hardly even been out for 1! thats why everything is coming soon. How long did you have to wait for Halo 3?

  9. I Agree also!! You have to pay alot of money to start to get the console. Why pay? Yes it should definatly be free!

    Alot of children have Xbox360 and alot of parents i feel are not really going to want to pay a fee for xbox live. Then there are going to be alot of heartbroken children out there that are going to feel left out!! Come on Microsoft More customers if you put it FREE!!

  10. i highly disagree,

    sure you have to pay, but think about it, you get what you paid for, the service actually works

    the wii and ps3 may have a free network but they dont do a great service, the wii lacks online games, and the ps3 lacks a decent marketplace

    think of what would happen if, for example world of warcraft was free, well to find out go on google and type runescape,

    and online petitions never work, honestly, you get what you paid for, a good service, you pay nothing for the others, and they really don’t bring something exciting like xbox live

    this is capitalism for you.

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