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Can I restore my PS3 to factory settings? error code 80010006?


My PS3 said it needed to do an update and would not let me play any games until I did. It downloaded the update and started the install. It restarted the system during the install process and stalls around 70% and gives me an error code 80010006. I cannot access safe mode because it is stuck in this update loop. If i restart, it goes right back to system update and tries, and fails, again and again. If i try safe mode, same thing. I am out of warranty but this should be a sony problem as I did not do anything wrong, but they dont see it that way. I seems they forced this update on people to brick their ps3’s so sony can sell them a new one. any help?

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  1. To get to Safe Mode, you don’t restart the system to see the screen you keep getting.

    With the PS3 in stand by mode (red light on front of the PS3), hold the power button down until you hear three beeps (the PS3 will turn on and turn back off). Once you hear the third beep, let go of the power button.

    Now, hold the power button again until you hear three beeps. Once the PS3 beeps for the third time, the PS3 will automatically go into Safe Mode (you can let go of the power button after the third beep again).

  2. Found a step by step for hard reset. This happens when a power surge or power outtage happens during an update. Check out the link below on factory hard reset. The other link also talks about memory sticks from ps1/2 causing the same error code.

    Hope I never get this on my PS3 and hope this helps.

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