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Do you think the Xbox 360 will die out soon?


I was talking with my friend the other day and he said that since the PS3 came out the 360 would die out soon. I told him that wouldn’t happen but what do you think?
This is more like a poll than a real question.
Update 2:
Well maybe I shouldn’t say DIE OUT but maybe more like the PS3 getting ahead of the 360.

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  1. nope, xbox still has a better marketplace and a bigger library of games. I doubt it will ever fail. Besides sony is the next to file bankruptcy not microsoft, think about that

  2. There is no way the Xbox will die out. Any hardcore gamer will normally decide to get both systems in the long run either way so its not really a big concern with that and most “family” gamers will get a wii for the simple games and user friendly controls. It really is no question or even poll that the system will not die out until a new generation of consoles comes out. As is MS has more backing then the Sony and they do not even focus on the console so it would be hard to imagine a company that put out a console almost as something to do just so sony would have some type of competition would die out don’t you think? This is all just my opinion but in the end the two consoles will have roughly even sales is my guess.

  3. I don’t know man, all I see is Halo ODST for 360 this year as a good exclusive, but then PS3 has a butt load of exclusives for this year.

    Watch this year’s E3 and you’ll get your answer.

    I have a PS3 and I think the PS3 is actually better now than the 360, but come on are you SERIOUS? the 360 has too much of a following to die out.

    But the future doesn’t look all that bright for the 360

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