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HDMI cable for xbox 360?


I was wondering something abput connecting it? I have a vizio that I just bought this year and It has an option for HDMI on the remote and the one I use now AV. I was wondering if U just plug the HDMI cable into ur xbox and tv or do u unplug the wire that the xbox came with to go into your tv?

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  1. YES! unplug the component cables. you know the red, yellow, and white cables that come with the xbox. yes do it! the HDMI is right and left AUDIO plus the video. so yeah unplug it. HAPPY GAMING!

  2. HDMI cables are the same but different then the cables that the XBOX360s and PS3’s come with. All you have to do is connect the HDMI cable. One end to the tv and the other to your XBOX360. Its a HD audio/video cable.

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