Home Xbox Forum hey ppl i got a question about the xbox 360?

hey ppl i got a question about the xbox 360?


ok so ppl have beeen teling me that 360 can go all red where the lite is and break. what are the odds of that happening to a 360 arcade set?

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  1. It wont it you keep it in a good well aired out place and remeber plug it into a wall jack direcly and dont put it on thye carpet (personal experince)

  2. it is a lower chance then it was 1 year ago. they have started putting new chips in the 360 to prevent it from overheating, but it is still a good idea to have a fan. just buy a mini table fan and point it at the back of the 360.

  3. If that happens, it means internal hard drive failure, and Microsoft has a warranty for that, I know that it’s at least a year warranty, it might be more though.

  4. This can happen to any xbox. Some people say they have been through 5. I have only been through 1 since they came out. Keep it in an open place. and treat it nice. It won’t get the red ring of death (RROD)

  5. Well as some people might have stated it can happen to any of the 3 systems.So the odds are all the same. But there are only 3 reasons it should get it

    -Internal failure

    -Improper ventilation


    That can all be avoided by buying intercooler (goes for $20-$30) and not opening the system and messing with the components. Oh and if you choose not to get an intercooler then just dont let the airholes be covered.

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