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Hook up router so ps3 and pc get internet?


I have a smc router and I’m trying to set it up so that my ps3 and moms pc both have internet. How? Any questions email me at [email is not allowed]. I can provide pics or go on Skype

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  1. If its a wireless router you can just configure your PS3 to pick up the wireless signal from the router. Do this by first getting your router’s WEP key. It should be listed somewhere on the router itself. Then go to your PS3’s “Network Settings” and configure it for wireless internet. You’ll need to have your PS3 as close as possible to the router for best signal reception.

    If your router is not wireless, you’ll need a Cat.5 (Category 5) Ethernet cable (you can get from RadioShack, BestBuy, etc.) long enough to go from where you have your PS3 to your router. Then just plug one end into the router and the other into the PS3. Follow the same steps I listed before, but this time make it for wired connectivity.

    NOTE: Provided your broadband service is at least 1mb, you should have no problem using the internet on your PS3 at the same time someone else uses it on the computer. If your internet speed is lower than that I’d recommend you use the internet on one device at a time, or risk major lag while trying to play online.

    Hope it helps.

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