Home Xbox Forum How do I connect my xbox 360 controller to my pc?

How do I connect my xbox 360 controller to my pc?


I have a wireless controller, but a charger cable. It doesnt work to connect to pc since its just a charger.

Where or can I get a wire that connects my xbox controller to pc? Or do you need to buy a wired controller?

I cant find any good answers.

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  1. You have to have a wired controller to just plug straight in, or you can buy the Wireless Gaming Receiver and use your Wireless Control Pad.

    Wireless Receiver £15.99 – [url is not allowed].

    Wired Control Pad £17.99 – [url is not allowed].

    You can obviously find these items cheaper elsewhere, these are just two i quickly pulled up from Amazon, you could probably get either for half that price on eBay.

  2. You can also use your wireless Xbox 360 controller to play PC games but in order to do this you will need to purchase the wireless gaming receiver.The Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver provides up to a 30-foot range for complete wireless freedom. Use up to four Wireless Controllers and four Wireless Headsets simultaneously with one Wireless Gaming Receiver. The Receiver easily integrates with PC gaming scenarios and utilizes the same binding technology as Xbox 360. You can purchase it from zeromartz.com for $16.76

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