Home Xbox Forum How much is the xbox 360 simpsons console worth?

How much is the xbox 360 simpsons console worth?


I have the limited edition xbox 360 yellow simpsons console. It is brand new in the fact it has never been plugged in, never been used, ever. I understand they only made 100 of these and i want to sell it. Problem is, I’m not sure of it’s value and despite checking eBay every week for a good year, it has never cropped up. Does anyone have any idea how much this thing is worth now? I’m in the uk

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  1. Because you owned it the system cannot be sold as new. That being said, the best thing for you to do is just put it on ebay and see what happens. Call it “like new” and see if any collectors bite. My experience as collector of ps1 games is that when someone sees something rare they often buy it out of reflex. If a collector has been hunting for something and finally find it then they aren’t going to a reasonable price get in their way.

  2. I’d throw it up for bid on Ebay and then put the BUY NOW price at 350 – 400$ since only 100 were made and plus you probably have games and a controller so 425$ at most

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