Home Playstation Forum How much will Gamestop buy my Ps3 for?

How much will Gamestop buy my Ps3 for?


I have a “fat” 80 gig PlayStation 3 that I would like to trade in towards getting a new Xbox 360. I was just wondering how much In-Store Credit Gamestop would give to me for it? It has all of the right wires, one controller with the charging wire. Any answers will be greatly appreciated, thanks 🙂

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  1. You’d be better off trying to sell it on Ebay because they’re not going to give you anything near what it’s probably worth.

    I had just purchased a $35 game off of them. Didn’t even play it. I opened it and saw the graphics and didn’t like it at all so I went to return it. They only offered me $7 for it.it was returned to them the next day.I had the receipt.

    They’re rip offs. I ended up not selling it to them but giving it as a gift to some kids who lived on my block.

  2. The Ps3 Slim version is super cool.I already own the fat version.Planning to buy the new version as well.

    Being the owner of Xbox 360 and PS3 I can honestly tell you that PS3 has a much better value for money than Xbox anyday even with with the unreduced cost($399).


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