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I have a terrible xbox addiction and it is getting in the way of my school work?


Hello i really need help i have bs and cs in all my grades at school and xbox is not helping that fact i play for maybe 4 and a half hours on the weekdays and about 10 or so on the weekends and im overweight im only 12 and i way 166 pounds i know that is pathetic and my self esteme suffers to i really need help and if anyone could help me that would be amazing because i really hate my addiction and i just cant stop my self from it i mean i dont want to straight up quit but possible cut the time down to 1/3 of how much i play thats all so please help me if you can have a good day everyone 🙂

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  1. Unplug the console remove the wires and give them to your parents until you are done and back on track with schoolwork and exercise

  2. Give your controllers to your parents. Tell them they can only give it back to you after you have done all your homework or gone outside and done some sort of physical activity.

    Or have them give you a time limit. Only so many hours per week and then you can’t have them back until the next week.

  3. It’s not an addiction. you’re just bored. find something else to do.Like Exercising.runner’s high all that sh*t.

    B’s and C’s aren’t that bad. If you really can’t stop it just make your mom keep it until the weekend or something.

    Crack is an addiction.

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