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I Keep Lagging On Xbox Live No Matter What!?


Ok so i just bought xbox live and ive been constantly lagging on multiplayer in every game. I never used to lag 2 years ago (didnt have live inbetween for a year.) I dont know whats wrong i tried restarting my router and all that, it doesnt work. Im with telus by the way. Some other things. My xbox is upstairs and my router is downstairs. The computer hooked up to my router is really old and it doesnt work, just sits there and stays on. Ive tried not having anyone in my house use internet, still lags. I keep lagging no matter what. I used to have shaw internet when i last had live. That may be the case. But i just dont believe thats the cause! Can anyone please help?

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  1. Well my brothers has that problem but it was because the Internet was slow and the router was too far away so either one try your Xbox closer to the router if possible it might help

  2. well it depends on your wireless speed to. u may need a new one.faster.or depends seeming up stairs the signal has to get threw walls and doors to reach you which also effects it. is there a way u can get closer to it? or move it? if not u may have to buy one with bigger/higher/faster speed. good luck

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