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i need some help with my PS3?


okay so i have had my ps3 for about 1 week and dont know much about it, i had an xbox before and whenever it froze or i turned it of unexpectedly it never got all slow or no data go corrupted so i figured the ps3 would be the same, one day my ps3 froze and i was forced to turn it of, afterwards i got that message saying my file system might be corrupt so ignored it not knowing what to do, ever since my ps3 has been really slow, sometimes the icons on the menu dont turn up and sometimes they do and when i click to play a game the game doesnt come on or it freezes again forcing me to force it to turn of. what should i do, its only getting worse

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  1. if it freezes again u might wana not ignore the message again it should help its slowness or maybe get a cooler fan 4 it

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