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Is it possible to get sound?


Is it possible to get sound from a ps3 if i used a DVI to HDMI cable on a monitor that has no speakers but use the composite cables that came with it to plug them into a speaker to get sound?

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  1. yes , and if you have a stereo system or amp that you can plug the a/v cables red and white audio outputs into it’s easy

    You will need an amp or stereo with amp , or speakers with connections for the audio cables , you can’t just plug into speakers

    set the ps3 up to use hdmi output for video , then set the sound settings so audio multi out is enabled , that puts audio to the a/v output too , once you set these settings up just plug in the a/v cables and use the red and white plugs for audio.

    this enables only 2.0 stereo sound , for surround sound you will need an optical audio cable and compatible amp/ speakers , setup is the same and instead of using the a/v cables you’d use an optical audio cable for sound , audio multi out enables use of both hdmi and a/v or optical audio cables for sound

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