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Is My Ps3 Noise Normal?


hi i have an 80 gig ps3, i turn it on and its fine nice and quiet, after about 12 minutes of play it changes noise but its still quiet i can only just hear it but is this normal or should the ps3 stay at the same noise the whole time its on?

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  1. Sounds like ur ps3 heats up quickly, When u turnon ps3 the fan runs slow then when the core heats up the fan speeds up but then it slows down again when the core gets cooler.

  2. It’s perfectly normal. It’s doing this because it is heating up too much, BUT as long as games don’t freeze, then you’re fine. When a game freezes and your fan (ps3 noise) is loud, that means the PS3 is too hot for the fan to cool, this is when you have a problem and should call Sony If everything is working fine, then don’t worry about it. All PS3’s make some noise because they are such powerful badass machines!!

    One way you can try to reduce the heat, and keep the internal fan from going crazy is too stand the ps3 vertically, allowing air to go all around the system.

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