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Is my Xbox 360 dead?.?


My Xbox 360 has been functioning like crap for a long time. The disc tray won’t open unless I pry it open, and it overheats in about 20 minutes when it’s in a room temperature environment (even with a Nyko ‘Intercooler’ fan). Now, I have traveled with it quite a bit in an Xbox carrying case, and I have had it for a long time. So, is my Xbox old and inefficient? Did I put too much stress on it by moving it around a lot?

More importantly, can it be fixed or should i just trash it and save up for a new one?

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  1. hey man ur 360 sounds like it completly done im actually selling my 360 because i dont play it and i have a ps3 i dont think from the sounds of it like u can fix that 360 sorry

  2. You know,the newer ones are much better than they used to be. The new ones are much better and more efficient. What I would do is sell the old Xbox 360 if you still have the receipt, and earn enough to get a new one. Best of luck with that.

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