Home Playstation Forum My ps3 is acting up i neeeeed help?

My ps3 is acting up i neeeeed help?


Well when i start the ps3 and the game is inside it doesnt show up on the game menu, i have to take it out and put it back in(never had to do that befor until now). then after that the game will work and it usually freezes when its checking HDD. Sometimes i am able to get online but when my internet crashes my ps3 totally freezes again and i cant even press the ps button. does anyone know wtfs wrong with it?

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  1. Many things could be happening:

    -Maybe the disc is scratched.

    -Try starting the PS3 first, then putting in the disc

    -Try resetting your modem

    -Try contacting Sony, but only if the above methods prove to be wrong.

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