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My Xbox 360 just came up with a red ring around the power button?


and now it won’t turn on. Where can I get it repaired?

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  1. AHHH! it’s called the ring of death I should know I just sent mine in for that same reason. if you have the manual call the number in the back of the book and they will walk you through the process. they will send you a prepaid box and you just put in your system and take it to a U.P.S free of charge it is a system error so they will fix it for free.

    also try x-box.com system repair!

  2. very simple call xbox in they will not argue with you but argue with them in you will get free stuff i got two ea sport games in two months of xbox live in a controller

  3. If its a complete ring. i.e. 4 segments, its a power fault. try disconnecting the power chord and reconnecting it. chances are this should work. If its 3 segments. You have the ring of death. Much more serious, but microsoft will fix it for free.

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