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Now Playstation Store is back, when will Call of Duty Black Ops Escalation map pack be available?


back on this morning, but I can’t find it. the other day, when ps store was down, on cod it said the map pack was available to buy, but I couldn’t because the store wasn’t working.

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  1. It will be Up on June 3rd most likely, i read this in PS3 blog, look on the black ops website aswell and they might have some update on when it will be there

  2. this map pack will be released almost exactly one month after the xbox version comes out. But since the network went down, they might postpone it for a few weeks to make sure that their system doesnt get hacked again

    hope that helps!

  3. Everything is in place for the maps to become available, but we are still waiting on Activision/treyarch to say when it will be in the store.

    As playstation store is only just back on, they are expecting heavy traffic over the next few days with people trying to access the welcome back pack from PSN. If you add the rush for the new maps to the store’s already heavy traffic, it may cause the store to melt. Which would be a nightmare for Sony.

    It’s already bad enough to try and redeem a code to add funds to the wallet, let alone get hold if DLC.

    Expect the maps to arrive next week, I’m guessing Tuesday, once everything has calmed down.

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