Home Xbox Forum Pawning an Xbox 360 260gb. Can they tell if it’s refurbished?

Pawning an Xbox 360 260gb. Can they tell if it’s refurbished?


(Yahoo deleted my original post cause my title was too short. so this is take 2)

Are they able to tell if it was refurbished or not?

I’m not scamming them or anything, it works just fine, and it was a microsoft (manufacturers refurb) refurb (Not a store refurb, I know those are refurbs NOT to trust), and I just need a little extra cash till my tax return comes in. I plan on buying it back next week when I get my return. I just hope they don’t have a way to see if it was refurbished. I fear they’ll pay bottom dollar for it if they know. :/

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  1. They can tell if they know to look at the console information on the back. 360s that are refurbished by Microsoft have a service date on them instead of a manufactured date. It’s fine if it was fixed by Microsoft and not some random repairer.

    -Yes, I can read. That’s why I’m saying it’s fine.

  2. if the pawner knows what to do with xboxs to see this the yes they can see that it was refurbished. all they would do is take the faceplate off and see that the silver tape was removed or broken. sometimes you get lucky and the person who fixes your xbox will put new tape on but it is rare to get this.

  3. If it doesn’t say it anywhere on it most of them don’t take the time to really look up vin # so I would have to say no

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