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Playstation Network Help Please?


Ok so I have this account and I didn’t notice it but I accidentally put the wrong e-mail address. The Network went down recently and I need to change my password. On my other account it let me change it right then and there. But this account it says “Password is not valid. You must change your password

An e-mail message has been sent to.and its the messed up email address. Follow the instuctions in the e-mail to reset the password using a pc.”

I have no clue what to do now help please!

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  1. Call Sony and explain the situation and they can help you directly. There’s no way for anyone here to help except to tell you to call Sony for help. 800-345-SONY

  2. You can only change the password on the playstation itself when you have purchased items from the psn store.(are a customer.) you just have to wait for the elusive email! Because if you haven’t purchased anything.they haven’t got your details and you are not a priorityright now! Sorry!

  3. i have the same problem,typo on my sign in email address.like the other people said call sony,they might help you out,there will be alot in the same boat so you may have to wiat a while.

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