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ps3 dualshock triggers too sensitive, easy fix?


if I barely lay my fingers on the L2 and R2 triggers I’ll end up throwing frags or randomly knifing the air like a noob. the triggers are a little loose at first. but then the regular pressure to push down comes afterwards at a sudden. Do I need to put in new strings?
picture this, the triggers are fully loose half way, and then pressured the last half. (not gradual but sudden). the first half is what picks up the actions though, and a little bit of a touch or push and an action will be sent

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  1. Only way I know how to change the sensitivity is to go to the game you are playing then go to options, settings, controller, and then change the sensitivity from there.

  2. It’s hard to tell what the problem is without me being there physically to see the problem. Try emailing PSN for support, but it sounds like you have some flawed remotes. I’d go to a friend’s house and check to see if his/her remotes act similarly. If they do, that is how Dualshock 3’s are lol. You may want to go to your local gaming store and buy some remotes with different models and makers.

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