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ps3 to ps4 cross buy?


I have the call of duty ghosts cross over and everything I have it downloaded but need to install it. it says insert the disc but I don’t want to if it is going to harm the ps3 disc so it can only play it on ps4. please help me I need to know will it work on both 3 and 4 or just 4?

thank you

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  1. You have to use the ps3 disc to activate and play the upgrade version , if you don’t insert the disc the games license is invalid. The disc is used to prove you own the ps3 version still and didn’t just trade it in or get a code from another person for the upgrade

    the game will work on both consoles , the ps4 version just uses the disc to verify the license then uses the digital version of the game you downloaded. if you play it on ps3 you use the disc to play the game

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