Home Playstation Forum what TWO games should i take from this list ( ps3)?

what TWO games should i take from this list ( ps3)?


IM giving my friend mw2 because i am sick and tired of camper and noob tubes my friend said i can choose TWO games from this list for mw2

cod4 ( borrowed for a week and didn’t play it much)

cod5 (played alot sold when mw2 came out )

midnight club la ( played)

little big planet ( played thought it was kiddy)

assassins creed 2 ( got plat trophy in it and then sold it )

uncharted 1 ( played and scared the crap outta me)

fifa street 3 ( planning on getting fifa 10 anyway)

gta 4 ( played and got sick of it then sold but i got the lost and damned dlc and never got to play)

Ghost busters game

red faction guirrela ( srry for the spelling)

ratchet and clank crack in time ( didn’t like demos but i love every ratchet ga

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  1. uncharted 1 (face your fears – very good game) and lbp/assassins creed 2

    however uncharted 2 is better (graphics and storyline) and lbp 2 is coming out at christmas

  2. if it were me I’d take assassins creed 2 and either ratchet and clank or call of duty world at war , then trade them to gamestop for psn cards and buy some psn games you’d like. there are psn games with as much gameplay as most of your choices , battlefield 1943 , call of duty classic , burnout paradise , super startdust hd , warhawk , tons more.

  3. Assassins Creed 2 (one of the best games I’ve ever played) and either Uncharted 1(its not really a scary game?, but its is REALLY GOOD) or Ratchet and Clank a crack in time (it has awesome weapons and its pretty funny)

  4. Definitley Uncharted 1. as for the other one i would say either Little Big Planet(yeah its kiddy but its very fun for all ages) Ratchet and clank (demo sucked. game was alot of fun however) or prolly red faction guerilla

  5. I highly recommend getting Uncharted 1, that game was simply amazing and is one of the reasons I got a PS3 instead of just buying a blu ray player since I already owned a 360 and a Wii, the other game that I would recommend getting is Ratchet & Clank: Crack in Time just because I have played the demo to that game and I enjoyed it alot and am planning on picking that game next.

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