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When will the Xbox 720 come out, how much will it cost, and how long will its lifetime be?



  1. uhh if you hear that microsoft is not making anymore game consoles i would love it if they came out with one in 2012

  2. probably at first it will be expensive but if you wait a little while it might go down. prob like 500 dollars

  3. Why settle on the xbox 720 when you can already have one! It is called a pc gaming machine. You can build one better for like half the price. The ps3 and 360 should be cheaper than what they are. They are both direct x 9 consoles and computers are on direct x 10.1 now lol. Chanes are the new x box will be something like direct x 11 and pc will be on 12.5 or some thing like that in terms of graphics.

    But if a 720 came out it would be years from now. It would not be time to do one know cuz the 720 will look like the ps3 but with next gen dx10.1 graphics.

  4. There have been absolutely no confirmed plans for another console. Of course, I’m assuming you mean the next Xbox, which no one except for the R&D team and the lead design/developers would have even a clue about.

    Anything you hear on the subject is merely speculation.

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