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xbox 360 laptop?


ok so im considering modifying my xbox 360 into a laptop but if i done that could i put another hard drive in to run xp on it? answer back asap

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  1. lol take pictures i wanna see that.i know its posible to run 2 diffrent operationg systems on your PC.like vista and linux.but i dunno how your set up will work

    thats gonna be a fat * laptop though haha

  2. i saw one in a laptop, OXM featured it in one of their magazines.took some guy 3 months and $1200 to do it, it wouldn’t condense to fit in a normal laptop casing, he had to have an build his own

    good luck, if i can find the article or website that features it, i’ll post

    it was just a 360 in laptop form, not able to do anything else

  3. XP won’t run on the 360 – the processor is the wrong type.

    Good luck modding your 360. I believe someone managed to cram an original xbox into a laptop. Don’t know about the 360 though.

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