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xbox 360 question?


what all comes with the xbox 360 arcade. like how many controllers and other stuff like that
well. whats in every other xbox box?

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  1. Its comes with:

    1 Wireless Controller

    256MB Memory Card

    SD AV Cables (Not HD, but has an HDMI Port)

    No Hard Drive

    Depending on how old or what store, you usually get an arcade game.

  2. a wireless controller

    a 1 month gold free trial

    an arcade game which really is terrible

    no adapter no hard drive

    u have to buy a hard drive its 40 bucks

    and u have to hook it up to internet

    but you can buy stuff to like make it better

    and it also does not come with a mic

  3. its pretty much the same but with a upgrade i guess 1wireless adapter im thinking one controller and the same stuff every other xbox has

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