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Xbox live – starting up.?



I know nothing about setting up xbox live or the starter packs but I see/hear that its £40 for gold membership, if you buy a year. Where I get confused is the starter packs, on Amazon, i see a £25 starter pack with headset, disc and 12 months membership, and even pre-owned ones for £8. sounds a bit strange, or do you have to pay membership ontop of that even though it says it comes with it? Any help, advice, or even links to some good deals would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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  1. A starter pack is simply that, a starter pack. It comes with all you need to begin playing online, (Mic,Gold Etc) The chances are if you buy a pre-owned one, the gold membership code will be used and wont work.

    and the reason that the starter pack is cheaper than the actual gold membership is that it probably is from a seller that sells there items on amazon.

  2. keep an eye out for special offers on the Xbox Home screen. I got 12months gold for £23 at the end of last year.

    Pre-owned sounds a bit dodgy tbh. As for £40 for 12months, thats a bit steep.

    TBH i play it safe and get all my points and stuff online using my xbox. I probably only save no more than £2 if i get them online which ive done in the past.

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