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Best Xbox Live Gold feature?


What in your opinion is the best perk of having a gold membership(aside from online gaming)?

Mine is Crackle, 100% free old school shows and movies with new shows that are meh at best but still worth it for free.
kinect, if you have it, is a great tool when you have gold, makes you feel fancy just talking to the tv telling it what you want and it does it, no need for a controller for anything other then games, cause kinect games are *, but Kinect video chat and browsing is next to amazing.

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  1. @ brad, game demo’s can be downloaded with an Xbox Live Silver (free) account, not just gold.

    As for the question, my favourite feature aside from online game play is probably party chat, I don’t do much other than online gaming with my friends. Netflix & LoveFilm were good (Netflix being the better choice) but I’m not a huge film watcher. Other than party chat, 4OD is a good addition when there is something I want to watch, just like films, I’m not a huge TV watcher.

  2. being able to download all of the game demos so I can try all different types of games for free and not all the renting cost. Also Netflix on my tv.

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