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do i have a problem with my PS4 or Dualshock 4?


I’ve had my PS4 for about a week and a half, and my controller all of a sudden turned off with a blinking white light. Now I’ve read that, that just means its trying to pair with the system but it never does, it just blinks. I turned the system completely off and turned it back on via the controller while it was plugged in (as if it were charging) and the controller pairs perfectly and is good to play for about anywhere from 5-25 minutes. I’ve looked up pairing problems for the dualshock 4 and can’t find anything, was hoping someone would know what to do, if its maybe a bluetooth problem with the entire system or what. I just don’t feel like sending it into sony to get it fixed, whether its free or not I just do not want to send it in. Please help!

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  1. well, the only way to know for sure is two ways.

    1. Connect the controller to the PS4 via the USB cord, and try it again.

    if that doesn’t work. the other “test” will cost you the fee of a controller, its a unique method, and people don’t think about it, but go to a place like walmart, but another controller and test it on the console, if it works, then its obviously the controller, and so you’re not out on the money, clean up the broker controller and place it back neatly into the box, keeping the receipt, and take it back for a refund and you get your money, you get a new controller.

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