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Great ps3 games you can think of?


Give me a list of great ps3 games you can think of. I kinda like all variety but hard to pick. I have the black ops series. So that’s out of question. And no modern war fair or battle field. I just need a good good game you can play for more than 2 hrs?

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  1. My husband has: all the uncharted games its his favorite and he has assassins creed games, the new tomb raider is amaZing I love watching him play that, I play the new Zelda it’s so fun for both sexes and so is heavy rain I’m thinking about buying it. I want the family guy game cause I love the show and he just bought a game last of us it just came out so is expensive but worth the $50 bucks. If you like fighting games theres mortal kombat, teeken 6, dead or alive 5 and street fighter games And injustice which is new and fun.

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