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How do I connect the Guitar from Guitar Hero on the PS3?


I forgot to mention, when I press the PS button next to the directional pad on the guitar, all it will do is blink at a faster rate, and the same happens with the receiver as well.
Well, I just bought it and it won’t connect. The wireless attachment always flashes red, and the bar next to the strummer always flashes. I have tried holding it for 10 seconds+, pressing it numerous times, etc. Can someone please instruct me how to setup this controller so it gets detected. Thanks in advance.
Update 2:
I have batteries in it and obviously the PS3 is on, lol. All it does is flash red no matter what I do.

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  1. Try syncing the instrument to the dongle. by pressing the ps button until the lights on the guitar blink rapidly, then hit the little button on the dongle

  2. Try cutting your PS3 off then turning it on with your guitar, or using your controller to assign slots and assign your guitar to the first slot, also if you are using you controller, the game thinks your the microphone automatticly.

  3. I dont think u mentioned it but you have to make sure you put batteries in the back. Also make sure you have the ps3 turned on.Another thing is you have to have that lil receiver is plugged in.if the receiver blinks a lot try pressing the little button that is on it

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