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How much do Ethernet cords cost for PS3’s?


Cause my computer is up in my brothers room and the t.v where the PS3 is, is about 15 metres away. So I was wandering if there was a size that long and how much it costs?

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  1. I have an ethernet cord that is about that long, but I don’t know how much it cost because I found it in a pile of discarded computer equipment.

    The odds of finding one in a retail store are about zero. Forget best buy or radio shack. Find an “electronics” store that caters to technicians instead of consumers, and usually they will sell cat-5 cable from a spindle, and charge by the foot or the meter. All you do is spool out the cable and then buy a couple of ends to attach to it.

  2. Looks like you can find them around $9(US) for a 50 foot (15 meter) cable. Check out my source below. I also have myPS3 connected via Ethernet cable, but my router is like 2 feet away. Have you considered using a Wireless router for that distance?

  3. any computer retailer or builder can make you one in whatever length you need , it’s not too expensive but if you buy pre-packaged it can be. I use a 75 foot cable that actually cost $3 at a yard sale last summer – before that I used wireless but wired is reliable and has faster connection speeds – you’ll probably pay less than $20 to get a custom length cable locally or less online – look for a cat6 ethernet cable for best quality

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