Home Xbox Forum i need help with xbox live plz?

i need help with xbox live plz?


ok im moving tv to my room and router is downstairs so i gonna drill a hole in floor and have the ethernet cable going straight up, but i have the small one that comes with xbox,

my question is,

how long do ethernet cables get? are they all the same size? i need a long one

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  2. They come in all sizes. Mines about 20 feet. It goes from the middle floor to the basement thru vents and the ceiling. Try getting one that isn’t too too long. It’s unnecessary, looks ugly, and provides a slower connection. (the longer the Ethernet cable is the slower the Internet, but wired no matter how long is better than wireless.) I use a wired one which is 20 feet long and I get better connection than my cousin whom has a wireless adapter which is right by his router. Just get a Ethernet cable which is suitable to do the job and sufficient to connect to your xbox. Good luck dude.

  3. Honestly, Ethernet is severly oou dated. You should get the Dial-Up cables. The speeds on thenm are incredible, and they are amazing for xbox live. If that doesnt work, wrap your xbox with the ethernet cable and throw it out the window. That will inctease your speeds as it has diresct connectivity

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