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if i but an xbox 360 arcade, and buy a hard drive separately, will the hard drive work in it?


would putting a hard drive in an xbox 360 work cus i really don’t want to shell out the extra 100 bucks for the hard drive one

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  1. yes any xbox hard drive will work on any xbox. i have the premium version with the 120 gig from an elite on it. im all set for the november update. lol.

  2. The new 360 Arcade models are MUCH quieter and run much cooler. A 2008 model X360 with a game in the drive is quieter than a 2007 X360 without a game.

    All of the existing X360 peripherals (controllers, hard drive, wireless adapter, etc) will work the the 360 Arcade.

  3. it is worth paying a little more to get a ps3. an xbox 360 has a failure rate of 36% (this info was leaked from microsoft, if u want proof just google it) the ps3 has failure rate of 0.03%. *that is the percentage of products that r defictive when made.

    there is a sying: *good things are not cheep, and cheep things are not good*

    did u know that: most xbox owners have microsoft number on speed dial

  4. ?/? umm

    selling out other 100 bucks for hardrive yaaaaa

    u pay 200 bucks just red white yellow cables aleast the pro comes with hd cables

    then wtf where u really going get an hardrive? 50-60 bucks on ebay for a 20gb u go gamestop get one used it going be like 70 u buy a new hardrive thats a 120gb they only sell new and its 180 bucks go on ebay get a 60gb umm its going be aleast 100 bucks

    so ya good luck lol

    pay the freaken 100 bucks so u have a new hardrive

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