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Is a HDMI Cable recommended for PS3?


Is a HDMI Cable recommended for playstation 3? I just got a ps3 and I use it on a 55″ HD Vizio TV. I currently use the factory cable wires (red/white/yellow) chords for the system but is a HDMI cable worth it? If so, does it matter what kind of HDMI cable is used?

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  1. If you want HD graphics you need a HDMI cable. You will certainly notice the difference. Any HDMI cable will do. Don’t be fooled into spending alot the cheapest HDMI cables do the job.

  2. yes the HDMI cable is worth it. use to play video games with my bf on his ps3 before he used the HDMI. it worked and the picture came out good. however after he got an HDMI cable and hooked it up. man what a difference. you really see all the detail and work that gets put into the games than. and its a lot easier finding hidden items, campers, and stuff. lets say before HDMI cable the screen and stuff was like a 85. now with the HDMI its a 150. however what kind of HDMI to use i dont think it matters just what ever kind you know that your tv and ps3 will work with.

  3. I would say that should definitely use a HDMI cable, in my opinion its essential, it looks horrible with standard definition! And i think its just a standard HDMI cable!

    Hope this helped


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