Home Playstation Forum is my ps3 hard drive fried or something else?

is my ps3 hard drive fried or something else?


so my playstation has been having issues and here’s the run down

bad day:

turn system on

green light comes on and it boots up

(pretty loud noise coming from fan btw)

loads up for about 5 sec.

then ‘click’ and power cuts off (no red light, green or yellow. as if it aint plugged into the wall)

press power button and red light comes on again.and repeat process

good day:

system turns on fine

play games for awhile no problem

then either of these happens:

game starts glitching and freezing then power cuts (like above, no lights)


weird slash pattern on screen then power cuts out.

could this be simple and be just a bad hard drive, or is the mother board fried? i know its not the cords because i have another system my dad owns and his works just fine.

no warranty on my system either btw.

and i’ve already tried the system restore where it resets it to factory settings and erases everything including system updates.

any tips?

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  1. As soon as you started to open the system and removed the warning sticker any warranty was voided. It sounds like a system on the verge of ylod.

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