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is the ps3 60 gig capable with a wireless controller if i buy one?


please help i think the 60 gig is best dont you think? does it have more than a 80 gig besides the memory.
sony can kiss my * than.

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  1. Yes. The 60 gb has the emotion engine, which the 80 gb doesn’t. What does this mean? It means that the 60 gb can play more PS2 games than the 80 gb. The 80 gb uses software emulation for backward compatibility, and we know how well software emulation has worked for the 360. But everything else is the same. Both have Wi-Fi, Blu-ray player, flash drives, 4 USB ports.

    Are you asking if the 60 gb comes with a wireless controller? All PS3 uses wireless controllers.

  2. The 60 gig does seem to be the best in terms of function, but all have wireless remote and wi-fi. Don’t let the Xbox fan-boys play you, they know our console smokes anything on the market. Some guy even tried to tell me that Bill Gates was doing the consumer a favor by ripping off the Xbox community by charging $200 for the HD-DVD add-on rather than incorporating it and using it to produce better games for the console.

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