Home Xbox Forum My Red Dead Redemption Dont work Even when no disc error?

My Red Dead Redemption Dont work Even when no disc error?


I am putting my red dead redemption into my xbox and the main menu comes up. exactly 5 seconeds after, it brings me back to the dashboard for no reason, and there is no disc reading error. Just to prove to that, i bought the undead nightmare seperate copy 4 months ago, and loaded that in, brand new. Same thing. 5 seconeds later, it brang me right back to the dashboard and no disc error.

I load up modern warfare 2 and it doesnt bring me back. I look at my discs under a bright light and see if there are any scratches. guess what, there are none. Its not my xbox because it is a brand new xbox slim. can someone help please i really want to play RDR i vote u as best answer

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  1. Common issue for people today, nothing you can do to fix it right now, i’m sure they’ll have an answer for it soon, as it seems everyone is having the same problem.

    In short they probably are releasing dlc or posting a patch and a bug popped up.

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