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need help with my ps3 (ive bought some xbox hedphones do they work on ps3)?


i have just bought some headphones for my ps3 but there xbox ones. is there eny way i could make them work on my ps3 there not wireless

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  1. Hi sorry the Xbox 360 head phones will not work on your playstation 3. Just take them back to the shop and exchange them for the playstation 3 ones the playstation 3 one’s are likely to be more expensive so It may cost you something but atleast you will get your playstation 3 one’s in the end.

  2. It might not work.Since it especially made for the xbox.But who knows maybe it will work.I hope you work it out.Good luck

  3. Sadly theres no chance of you getting them connected, the 360 wired headset has a special pin adaptor that fits into a little hole on the controller,its a pity it wasnt usb you could of put it in the ps3 ports on the front of the console.

    Your gonna need to get yourself a decent bluetooth headset, Metal Gear Solid 4 recently brung one out one with the game, if you wanna go cheaper some of the bluetooth mobile phone headsets seem to work with the ps3.

  4. the usb style might work. give it a try, if you have already and arent geting anything, then the PS3 answered your question for you.

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