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Playstation network (psn) banned Question?


I played ps home on monday then didnt turn the ps3 on until friday. I have never said anything bad to anyone on ps home and i only hang out with people i know not going up to every girl and saying hi. The error i get is 8002a231 it says banned or suspended. My cousin plays my ps3 alot and swears alot while playing cod, i have never played cod. Is it possible that because of him my account got suspended. Although we both have seperate accounts but mine is the master account.

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  1. First of all, check your email account associated with the account that was banned. The email will disclose information about how long you are suspended for or if you are completely banned. They can even ban your PS3. It will also say why you got suspended/banned.

  2. That is not why your account got suspended unless he got on your account and was cussing you could not have been suspended. 8002a231 is a common error on ps3. Dont worry ive got this error in the past to. You should be unsuspended in about a day.

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