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Problems with my Xbox 360.?


-First off.my Xbox 360 elite, now one year old started freezing 2 weeks ago while I was been playing Call of Duty 4. I did not really pay attention to it until it started freezing everytime i played. Then I just went to my hardrive and pressed X X Lb Rb X X and this performed system managment and it worked fine for a week.

-It started freezing again and i got 1 ring. Then I got rrod twice. the xx thing doesnt work anymore and it freezes everytime i play. does anyone know how to fix this? It only freezes when I play a game online. I can play arcade games all day long without it freezing. But sometimes it freezes on startup.

-I tryed calling 18004myxbox but it says to “please leave your numerical message after the tone”. What does this mean? I registered my xbox online and put in serial number when they ask that question but cant get through.

Please Help!!

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  1. Try To run factory default on the xbox dashboard under the system tab. If this doesnt work try to call 4myxbox again and just tell them u have technical issues or live account questions and then they patch you through and operator.

  2. Didnt happen to my elite yet.

    but u should give them another call. If u have the red lights, u could send it to microsoft because u have three years for the rrod lights and 1 year if something goes wrong with ur xbox.

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