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Should I buy a Ps3? Or?


I have been wanting to buy a ps3 sense launch but because Sony ripped me off with my psp I thought Id wait and see how everything pans out. WELL, I still don’t like the price NOT because its a bad price but because its a bad price for the system they give you. The 60 Gb was $499 after the first price cut and if they had kept the 20gb it would have been $399. I would have bought one if they did this but they didn’t. Now we have a gutted 80gb for $399 and a gutted 120gb for $499. I only am bringing this up because in my mind they never actually lowered the price to me. “PLEASE DONT GET TOO DEFENSEVE OVER THIS!”. So the 120gb costs the same as the 60gb was and the 80gb costs the same as if they would have kept the 20gb.

I wish Sony would have made the Ps3 white. It would have looked and been much better. The ps1 was gray and the ps2 was black, so why wasn’t the ps3 White? All the others are white. and white doesn’t get as hot. “White colors reflect and black colors absorb look it up” Also you wouldn’t notice all those scratches as easily.

Than theirs the matter of a Ps3 “Slim”. Still a rumor I know but I must take it into effect if it were to come. The Slim would have the power brick out of it so it might end up making it more reliable by keeping all that heat out of it. Keeping the thermal paste intact.

Now for the price when I see a $400 price theirs also tax and the cost for an extended warranty. So you are basically spendy $500 on that $400 system NOT including games.

I have $386 I’ve saved up.

Now for the OR

I have been looking at some Nintendo Ds games and their are quite a few for cheap I would like to get. So I COULD just go out and buy a ds and allot of games if I wanted too. Its not a ps3 but its something.

So what do you think I should do? Wait and see what’s all up with the Ps3 or just forget it and get a Ds?

“Yes I know about the best buy Killzone 2 and Mgs4 bundle but I would still rather get the games I want for a lower price “gamestops buy 2 used get 1 free” than pay full for those two.

And PLEASE don’t ask about the psp.

“REPOST sorry something mest up with the other one.”

Anyways I have alrety bought my first Ps3 game “BlazBlue”. And the Ps3 is the only next gen system I would buy.

Also The ps3 is really advanced yet the Rsx they used is old and was not made for the ps3 unlike the 360″s. So that is holding it back some. I am in no way try to bash. Fact is just fact.

But something else I don’t like about the new model is that cheap looking gray trim they use now. They should have used the flat black like the 20gb’s or stayed with the chrome.

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  1. You’ve got some wrong facts in your question.

    First of all, the 80GB PS3 is not overpriced. I’m not saying it’s cheap, but you get a Blu-ray player, incredible games, storage for your music, videos and pictures, Internet browser, free online service, and awesome graphics. The price that Sony pays for making one PS3 is higher than the price we pay to get a PS3.

    If you bought BlazBlue, then why are you even asking if you should get a PS3 or not? No one buys a game for a console before buying the console unless they’re 100% sure they’ll buy the console.

    Get the PS3. The DS is a good portable console, but the PS3 beats it in every way as entertainment in your house.

    Get the PS3 and be happy with it. The DS is not nearly as good as the PS3.

  2. Dude trust me i am totally with you about the ps3. I have wanted an xbox 360 ever since it came out but my family doesn’t make a lot so we could never afford it. My dad was looking at the ps3 because not only can it play games, but it has blu-ray too so we got the ps3. I was so disappointed and got so mad because i didn’t want it. None of my friends had it and they all had the xbox. I told myself that i would never like it and that it was a waste cause of the cost and thought that Sony was stupid. But even though every body thinks that the ps3 is gay and that xbox 360 rules, you dont have to listen to them. As soon as i put in call of duty world at war i was in love with it. The graphics were sweet and and it was just amazing! i couldnt believe that a couple of days ago, i didnt even want to look at this system. Cus now im totally in love with it. Now i have had the gba, ds, psp, ps2, gamecube, and now the ps3 and i know for a fact that you should definitely get the ps3 instead of a handheld system. I think they should have made a white one but they didnt. Who cares? Its still amazing. No matter what, never ever doubt the ps3 against a HANDHELD system. NEVER

  3. Dude if you can’t afford it, then don’t get it.don’t make a big deal out of it.

    The PS3 looks slick and nice.i have a ps3 and a wii and it makes my wii look like dog turd.

    I would go for the PS3, i also have a DS and the only games i play/played were mario kart, pokemon, and animal crossing.

    Plus PS3 is something that your going to keep for a Looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time, i know i am with new blu ray movies and what not.i mean if the ps3 is out and they still make ps2 games then when the ps4 comes out there will still be ps3 games.

  4. *sighs*

    The 20 GB would never have been $399.99 because it had PS2 hardware. Removing PS2 hardware from the PS3 is the biggest reason why the price went down at all.

    I was under the impression the 60 GB always was $599.99. The first 80 GB was $499.99.

    There is no 120 GB PS3. There is a 160 GB one.

    Those “gutted” PS3s lost card readers, SACD playback, the “lovely” trim you so desire, 2 USB ports, and PS2 playback. You can buy USB card readers, USB ports can be made up with a USB hub, you probably don’t even know what SACD is, and its not like the PS3 was really good at playing PS2 games anyway. Not to mention PS2 games was the only feature on the PS3 that required more than 200 watts of power and made the console run hotter. Let’s also not forget the “gutted” PS3s were improved to run more efficiently, run cooler, and use less power, thanks to 65 nm chips instead of 90 nm ones. I’d much rather have these “gutted” PS3s and a PS2 console for PS2 games over a backward compatible PS3.

    Japanese PS3s are available in a Silver color. Don’t rule out the possibility of the US getting a Silver version down the road. You’re probably the only guy in the US that wants a White PS3 anyway.

    And don’t feed me the color/heat argument. You are right in every way from a scientific perspective, but obviously the 360 still has problems related to heat even though its white. And the PS3 still is good at staying cool regardless of the color.

    The PS3 Slim will not be better than the fatter one. If anything, its gonna be worse as its unlikely to have all that good cooling technonlogy the fat one has and will get even hotter. Not to mention the slimmer versions usually have chepaer materials to reduce costs.

    My God, I can’t believe how picky you are. The PS3 is the BMW of the console world whether you like it or not and is priced well. Frankly, it should cost more. Tax? You likely don’t pay more than 8% in your area. That’s what, $30? Extended warranties are optional and most people don’t really need them. You’re getting a f*cking steal at $430, especially when you consider that you have the best hardware available, best disc technology available, and you won’t have as many extra costs.

    Normally, I’d say get the PS3, but I don’t think you deserve a PS3.

  5. i reckon for the price of the ps3 its a steal the 80gb model cost them $440 to produce and ur getting it for $400 and it doesnt have ongoing cost, no batteries to purchase, free online play, built in wifi so no adapter needed etc

    and killzone 2 and mgs4 r amazing games

    and i reckon u should get a ps3 decides maybe save up slowly and see if there is a price cut by october if not just purchase the system

    the cell cpu is designed for calculations which make games more realistic as a pc cpu is built for speed, the cell does many calcualtions making physics and all very realistic and takes pressure off the gpu so it doesnt require to be as good

    i wouldnt recomend getting a ds lok at gta chinatown wars it looks like gta 1 on ps1 and pc and gameboy where as gta vice city stories on ps2 looks goodish

    dont leave ur console in the sun in the first place

    and plus ps3 gets alot more games and good games then psp, altho psp is finaly starting to get some good games in next 6 months ps3 in next 12 months r getting some amazing games like they have in past 12 months

    plus bluray will allow for bigger games in the future and its more future proof than any other console

  6. try to be more direct with your question, i’m not sure what your asking, it seems like your asking whether or not you should get a ps3 then you say you’ve already got a ps3 game?

    well if that’s the case then get a ps3 because if not then you’ve wasted money on a game you can’t play.

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